A Certified System

Quality Management System

The main aim of ROMANO is to offer a product/service which can fully satisfy Customer’s needs and offer high quality performances.


For this reason, Romano decided to create a Quality Management System complying with the International Regulation UNI EN ISO 9001:2000, subject to be checked by an external Audit officially accredited. All Romano products are homologated complying with the Regulations R67/01, R 115, R110, and ISO 15500 and comply with CEE legislation about pollutants emissions such as EURO 5, EURO 6.

Our business idea is mainly based on "corporate mix": high quality products and services on one side, and on the other, a strict ethical code: a solid reputation cannot be purchased. Thanks to our philosophy we created the situation to have very skilled human resources working for us and, consequently, to produce top level services to fulfil our partners and customers’ expectations. Our Quality System in fact can be considered "customer focused".


Our customers know that they are supporting, through their Purchase Orders, a company with strong ethical values, efficient and competitive on the market. On the other side, our suppliers and partners know that they are cooperating with very liable people.


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LPG and CNG Components and Systems for cars

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