User Manual and Insurance

Users Manual for LPG or CNG Maintenance

This User Manual is essential as it indicates all the phases for the maintenance of the LPG and CNG systems, on the coupons and on the revisions. The legal obligations are reported, such as that of replacing the LPG tank after 10 years.

The maintenance of the systems does not involve high costs provided that all periodic checks are carried out.

Like gasoline vehicles, LPG and CNG cars are also subject to periodic revision: the first must be carried out four years after registration, the others every two years. CNG cylinders must be subjected to periodic checks: a test every 5 years and a revision every 4 are required.

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 Sereno e Sicuro: the additional Insurance

To protect your ROMANO AUTOGAS system, or one of its components, additional insurance is available, valid throughout the Italian territory. This can also be activated if a LPG and CNG system is installed on a new car with a manufacturer's warranty. The insurance covers the possible tastes of the mechanical and electronic parts involved in the transformation, replacing the manufacturer's warranty lost on those components. Ask your authorized ROMANO AUTOGAS workshop for more information.


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